Profiling support

The knowledge of CPU load distribution of the running target application is a basic requirement to optimize their real-time behavior. The analyzing functions support the viewing, profiling and detecting of the recorded data and is realized by different views of Universal Debug Engine to display the results of recorded IP trace and data trace from different sources: MCDS, NEXUS, ETM, ARC SmaRT and CoreSight code trace are supported in detail. Further the "IP - Snooping" trace method of instruction pointer of TriCore, XC166, XE166/XC2000 and Cortex-M, Cortex-R, Cortex-A CPU periodically with minimum poll period of 1 millisecond is used to preprocess profiling data.

Trace Profiling

The trace Profiling window displays code profiling information as result of processing code trace data to get from running target program via MCDS, NEXUS, ETM, ARC SmaRT or CoreSight trace channel. The trace Code Coverage summary chart page contains a bar chart, which displays the code coverage results of all functions, which were hit by the code trace address data.

  • Summary chart of the results of coverage of all recorded ranges
  • Selecting of ranges and zooming into single code lines
  • Displaying and navigating to all uncovered source line ranges instructions
  • Re-sorting the chart.

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)