Service and Maintenance

When purchasing an UDE Integrated Development Environment, you receive FREE Update Service for the UDE Debugger. The FREE Update Service & Support Package comes with approximately two new software releases, including documentation, regular product news as well as updates or upgrades of other development environment components (compiler, editor, evaluation hardware...)

Following the FREE period you can take advantage of our Update Service & Support Package at a very affordable price, which contains the same services as the above described.

Don't miss out on such a convenient and easy opportunity to stay on top with your development environment, as it is no secret that only the latest software releases provide for an efficient and state-of-the-art application development, which is the base for top-notch, competitive products.


Whether you are interested in a Crash Course or Special UDE Classes - or simply want to gain expert's knowledge about development systems for the supported microcontroller.

Whether you are looking for support in how to configure and launch your development environment best - or you are in a tight spot with your embedded application and need good advise - we literally have all the resources to accommodate your needs and bring you ahead of competition in no time.

In close cooperation with our educational partners we offer classes for all related products. The contents of the classes may be fully adapted according to your application's requirements. This way immediate success is given right from the beginning stages of your application. Further, you will be enabled to use all the tools of your embedded development tool chain efficiently that are needed through the whole course of the project. This directly translates into a smooth and fun development ride without experiencing the pain of all the well-known time-consuming, self-educating trial-and-error methods...


Latest information and versions about the UDE Development Tools ... read more

General Standard Terms and Conditions of the Service Contract

1. Services

The software maintenance shall ensure that programs received by the client from PLS are updated with the latest version released by PLS. The latest program version released by PLS and received by the client is the subject matter of the software maintenance.

1.1 Software modifications

pls shall update the client's software from time to time to the latest released version by supplying him with updates. These updates contain new versions of the standard software containing PLS solutions to known problems. Program modifications required as a result of modifications by product manufactures, authorities, VDI or DIN standards etc, are excluded.

1.2 Hot line service

Should software problems occur, the client has the right to use the hot line service provided by the PLS company. This includes:

  • Installation problems and associated queries on the hardware configuration
  • Queries on program sequences
  • Specialist support with program applications
  • Assistance with the configuration of the communications hardware and target software / hardware
  • Replacing faulty diskettes or other non-PLS software, where faults have arisen as a result of actions by third parties
  • Specialist assistance with the operation and explanation of programs, which run on UDE such as, C compilers, CASE tools etc
  • During the contract period, an on-going account shall be assigned to the client in the PLS mailbox, allowing him to upload problem files, and download program updates


Should software problems occur on the client's system, for which no temporary solutions are known, and which cannot be resolved by telephone / mailbox support, the client may submit an error report to PLS. This error report allows an error in the PLS software to be demonstrated and to be cleared independent of the concrete problem on the client's system. Insofar as the problem is a minor deviation from the specification published by PLS, the PLS software, operating instructions, and other relevant documentation will be revised, and the problem resolved in the next update.

2. Remuneration

The annual remuneration package corresponds to the amount per year as indicated overleaf; it is calculated in advance at the beginning of the service contract and applies to one workstation. The remuneration is a firm price for the current contract year. PLS is entitled to review the remuneration at the beginning of the following contract year in line with the increase in standard wage rates. PLS shall inform the client in writing of any change in remuneration at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the next service year.

3. Liability

Any claims by the client for damages, and especially for consequential damages or lost profits against PLS, and its servants or assistants, are excluded, except if PLS is compulsorily liable because of intent or criminal negligence or the absence of warranted features. This also applies, insofar as such claims have been derived at the conclusion of the contract from incorrect consultation, illegal action, producer's liability, positive breach of obligation or indebtedness.

4. Software rights

All software and documentation rights etc, including copying and modifications, remain with PLS. The client may not allow access to this software, documentation and other documents by third parties without written agreement from PLS.

5. Cancellation

The service contract period is 12 months, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The service contract shall be automatically terminated after the agreed contract period, if the client does not apply in writing to renew the contract.

6. Miscellaneous

Any amendments to this contract - including any assurances by PLS - require written agreement and express notification that the matter concerns an amendment to the contract. The client has no right of retention. He may not settle debt claims, which have not been acknowledged in writing by PLS or have not been established in law. Dresden shall be the court of jurisdiction for all contractual claims and all claims related to this contract.