Infineon XC166, XC161, XC164, XC166 Microcontrollers

UDE Debug, Trace and Test solution for Infineon XC166 Microcontrollers

The Infineon XC166 microcontrollers are the derivatives of the popular C166 microcontroller family.

Summary of Basic Features of XC166 for Industrial

The high flexibility of this architecture allows to serve the diverse and varying needs of different application areas such as automotive, industrial control, or data communications.

  • 25 ns Instruction Cycle Time at 40 MHz CPU Clock (Single-Cycle Execution)
  • 1-Cycle Multiplication (16 × 16-bit), Background Division (32-/16-bit) in 21 Cycles
  • 1-Cycle Multiply-and-Accumulate (MAC) Instructions
  • Enhanced Boolean Bit Manipulation Facilities
  • Zero-Cycle Jump Execution
  • Additional Instructions to Support HLL and Operating Systems
  • Register-Based Design with Multiple Variable Register Banks
  • Fast Context Switching Support with Two Additional Local Register Banks
  • 16 MBytes Total Linear Address Space for Code and Data
  • 1024 Bytes On-Chip Special Function Register Area (C166 Family Compatible)
  • 16-Priority-Level Interrupt System with 77 Sources, Sample-Rate down to 50 ns
  • 8-channel Interrupt-Driven Single-Cycle Data Transfer Facilities via Peripheral Event Controller (PEC), 24-bit Pointers Cover Total Address Space
  • 2 kBytes On-Chip Dual-Port RAM (DPRAM)
  • 4 kBytes On-Chip Data SRAM (DSRAM)
  • 2 kBytes On-Chip Program/Data SRAM (PSRAM)
  • 128 kBytes On-Chip Program Memory (Flash Memory)
  • 16-channel A/D Converter with Programmable Resolution (10-bit or 8-bit) and Conversion Time (down to 2.55 µs or 2.15 µs)
  • Two 16-channel General Purpose Capture/Compare Units (32 Input/Output Pins)
  • Capture/Compare Unit for flexible PWM Signal Generation (CAPCOM6) (3/6 Capture/Compare Channels and 1 Compare Channel)
  • Multi-Functional General Purpose Timer Unit with 5 Timers
  • Two Synchronous/Asynchronous Serial Channels (USARTs)
  • Two High-Speed-Synchronous Serial Channels
  • On-Chip TwinCAN Interface (Rev. 2.0B active) with 32 Message Objects, (Full CAN/Basic CAN) on Two CAN Nodes, and Gateway Functionality
  • IIC Bus Interface (10-bit addressing, 400 kbit/s) with 3 Channels (multiplexed)
  • On-Chip Real Time Clock, Driven by Dedicated Oscillator
  • Up to 103 General Purpose I/O Lines, partly with Selectable Input Thresholds and Hysteresis
  • On-Chip Bootstrap Loader
  • Supported by a Large Range of Development Tools like C-Compilers, Macro-Assembler Packages, Emulators, Evaluation Boards, HLL-Debuggers, Simulators, Logic Analyzer Disassemblers, Programming Boards
  • On-Chip Debug Support via JTAG Interface

Infineon XC166 Microcontrollers supported by UDE

  • XC161CJ XC164CM XC164CS XC164D XC164N XC164S XC167CI

Infineon XC166 Debug, Trace and Test Features supported by UDE

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - Debugger and Emulator for C166 SV2 and XC166

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug platform with Multicore debugging for C166 SV2 and XC166.