Texas Instruments Cortex-R4 TMS570 Microcontrollers

UDE Debug, Trace and Test solution for Cortex-R4 TMS570

The Arm® Cortex®-R4 processor real-time processor to be based on the Arm v7-R architecture.

Texas Instruments Cortex-R4 TMS570 Microcontrollers supported by UDE

  • RM42L432 RM46L430 RM46L440 RM46L450 RM46L830 RM46L840 RM46L850 RM46L852 RM48L550
  • RM48L530 RM48L540 RM48L750 RM48L730 RM48L740 RM48L950 RM48L930 RM48L940 RM48L952 TMS570LC4357
  • TMS570LS0332 TMS570LS0432 TMS570LS0714 TMS570LS0914 TMS570LS1114 TMS570LS1115 TMS570LS1224
  • TMS570LS10106 TMS570LS10116 TMS570LS10206 TMS570LS10216 TMS570LS20206 TMS570LS20216 TMS570LS0232
  • TMS570LS1225 TMS570LS1227 TMS570LS2124 TMS570LS2125 TMS570LS2134 TMS570LS2135 TMS570LS3134 TMS570LS3

Texas Instruments Cortex-R4 TMS570 Debug, Trace and Test Features supported by UDE

UDE - Universal Debug Engine with SWD, SWV, ITM support - Cortex Debugger and Emulator for Cortex-R4

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug and emulator platform with Multicore debugging for Cortex-R4.