UDE SimplyTrace

UDE SimplyTrace makes the often complex task of configuring the microcontroller's trace system as easy as possible for everyday trace tasks.

UDE SimplyTrace provides an easy and user-friendly access to the trace functionality of microcontrollers within the UDE Universal Debug Engine, completely hiding the complexity of the trace configuration from the user. This eliminates the need for developers to manually configure the trace units for each debug task.

Trace functions, taken from typical use cases, are context sensitive attached to the different debugger views. For example, the 'Trace from source code line' or 'Trace to source code line' use cases can be configured with ease, similar to setting a breakpoint. The trace configuration created with UDE SimplyTrace functions can be adapted and extended to meet user demands.

SimplyTrace also offers easier access to the trace for RTOS and AUTOSAR task traces and generates trace recordings that exactly match the desired runtime analyses.

Typical trace use cases addressed by UDE SimplyTrace

  • Trace From: Trace recording starts at selected code line.
  • Trace To: Trace recording stops at selected code line.
  • Trace From: Trace recording starts at selected code line.
  • Trace To: Trace recording stops at selected code line.
  • Trace Variable / Expression: Data trace of variable access or memory access represented by expression.

Full Control and Flexibility

Experienced users of the trace functions provided by the particular microcontrollers can reuse the trace configurations created with

UDE SimplyTrace. By means of a dedicated UDE SimplyTrace configuration window, ready-to-use trace configurations can be

customized or extended if the specific requirements go beyond the typical use cases.

UDE SimplyTrace for Debug and Test Automation

The UDE SimplyTrace functionality can also be accessed from the UDE Object Model in order to automate debugging and test. The UDE

The UDE Object Model is an open and flexible interface for scripting and 3rd party tool integration.

The Object Model functions of UDE SimplyTrace can be used in scripts to capture trace information in parallel with test execution. This

is particularly useful when code coverage measurements are required for the selected test cases.

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)