AUTOSAR Classic Platform / OSEK Support and Trace Analysis with Universal Debug Engine

For electronic control applications based on OSEK like AUTOSAR Classic Platform (CP), UDE provides functions for analyzing and visualization of OS-specific information as well as task and (optionally) code trace.

Get Inside with ORTI – Visualize OS internals

ORTI – OSEK Runtime Interface – is a standard interface and file format which provides information about OSEK/VDX compliant real-time operating systems and AUTOSAR Classic Platform. With this information the Universal Debug Engine UDE gives the users an inside view of the operating system states.

UDE ORTI support provides:

  • Evaluation of ORTI/ARTI files for information about operating systems
  • Presentation of operating system information

Task Trace of AUTOSAR CP / OSEK Operating Systems

The trace features of microcontrollers allow a non-intrusive observation of the execution sequence of operating system tasks. UDE uses the information provided by ORTI files for configuring data traces in order to determine task changes which are indicated by OS variables. That enables a maximum utilization of the available trace resources and trace memory. If required, code trace can be enabled too.

The captured trace data is analyzed by UDE to ensure a proper visualization of the sequences of executed operating-system tasks including their precise timing. Beside this, the Execution Sequence Chart can also display the function sequence of each task. UDE allows also to export preprocessed trace to BTF (Best Trace Format) for additional analysis by third party tools.

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)