Webinars on Code Coverage with UDE Debugger


Demonstrating sufficient test coverage through code coverage measurements is widely accepted to proof the quality of software tests, especially for safety-critical embedded systems.

Based on on-chip trace, UDE enables code coverage measurements in situations where other code coverage tools reach their limits.

For our conducted webinars and training sessions on Code Coverage, we have collected all video recordings for watching.

Watch the Webinar: Proof Your Test Quality – Non-Intrusive Code Coverage with UDE

Webinar hosted by Hitex

This webinar coveres UDE's trace-based code coverage feature. Trace-based code coverage allows to measure the code coverage in situations where other code coverage tools reaching their limits:

  • where code instrumentation is not allowed anymore,
  • where the code is optimized by the compiler and
  • if you want to test without affecting the run-time behavior of your application.

You will get some hints what to consider with optimized code and how to use UDE scripting features to measure the code coverage in automated tests.

⯈ Watch the webinar in 44:13 min.

Watch the Webinar: Non-Intrusive Code Coverage

We show you how to measure the code coverage without any code instrumentation and without affecting the runtime behavior of your application.

⯈ Watch the webinar in 17:52 min.

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