Hardware Security Module (HSM) support

The Universal Debug Engine supports the Hardware Security Module (HSM) of state-of-the-art automotive microcontrollers that are used in safety and security critical applications. The HSM is implemented for example in:

  • TriCore™ AURIX™ from Infineon
  • Stellar from STMicroelectronics
  • MPC57xx Power Architecture™ devices from NXP
  • SPC5 Power Architecture™ devices from STMicroelectronics

The HSM is treated as a further core and can be fully controlled by UDE. Furthermore, joint debugging of the Host/HSM cores and FLASH programming are possible.

  • Debugging on C/C++ source code level or assembler level
  • Debug synchronization (multicore run-control) with main cores of host SoC
  • FLASH programming of HSM code and data into dedicated HSM FLASH

The UDE provides trace support for devices where the HSM is connected to the on-chip trace system. The actual trace functions available depend on the specific hardware implementation.

  • Instruction trace of executed HSM code
  • Instrumentation trace
  • Trace of data transfers between HSM and host system

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)