Generic Timer Module (GTM) support

The Generic Timer Module (GTM) is a complex and sophisticated timer module, consisting of counters, multi-action captures/compares, PWM functions, DPLLs and filtering modules. Recent 32-bit multi-core architectures like TriCore™ AURIX or Power Architecture™ contain such a peripheral module. On the TriCore platform, this timer module is designed to detach the former General Purpose Timer Array (GPTA).

The Universal Debug Engine does provide GTM debugger support for the programs that are running in the Multi Channel Sequencer (MCS). This support includes displaying the programs, displaying and modifying channel registers. Depending on the underlying chip UDE does provide functions as setting breakpoints, stepping through the channel or breaking the application (GTM debugger). All this is done keeping in mind the GTM is a timer!

So extensive effort has been done to support the trace functionality. It is possible to trace Timer Input Module (TIM), Timer Output Module (TOM), Advanced Routing Unit (ARU) and ARU-connected TOM (ATOM) events and to trace the instruction flow of the configured channel programs. The GTM is handled as separate core in UDE. It seamless integrates in the UDE multi core synchronization, in the Universal Emulator Configuration (UEC) and multi core window handling.