FreeRTOS support

Debugging of Real-Time Critical Applications in FreeRTOS

FreeRTOSŸ is an open source real-time operating system kernel available for a large number of microcontroller platforms and small devices. The design follows the principle to be small and simple. UDE provides extended functions for software development of real-time critical applications, which are under control of the FreeRTOSŸ real-time operating system.

  • FreeRTOSŸ support is provided as UDE Add-On and extends a UDE basic debugger license
  • FreeRTOS Add-On consists of the FreeRTOS Support Window that provides a comprehensive and detailed view to information about FreeRTOSŸ resources and objects
  • The shown information is directly collected from the target system
  • No separate description file or similar is needed
  • Available information depends on particular FreeRTOSŸ configuration. Configuration is determined at compile time and does not change during run-time.

Available Information for Resources and Objects of FreeRTOS in UDE Debugger


Number/ID, name, address, state, stack information and utilization, priority, events, mutexes, error code, etc.


Number/ID, name, address, content, blocked tasks and reason for blocking, storage information, number of items added or removed, etc.

Semaphores and Mutexes

Number/ID, name, address, type, task that holds the mutex, semaphore count, blocked tasks, etc.


ID, name and address, timer period, call back, state, etc.


Current FreeRTOSŸ configuration, which was set for the FreeRTOSŸ build.

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)