Webinars on Debugging with UDE


Get an general overview and introduction to the UDE debugger tool. Learn about the basic debugger features and the family of Universal Access Devices.

For our conducted webinars and training sessions, we have collected all video recordings for watching.

Watch the Webinar: Universal Debug Engine – Debugging, Trace and Test for multicore SoCs and MCUs

Universal Debug Engine UDE at a glance. This webinar will give a general introduction into the PLS tool for debugging, tracing and testing of microcontrollers and multicore SoCs.

⯈ Watch the video in 15:52 min.

Watch the Webinar: Tools for Debugging and Trace

Webinar hosted by Hitex

This webinar gives an introduction in the debug, trace and test tool UDE:

⯈ Watch the video in 39:48 min.

Watch the Webinar: Visualizing Variables 101

In this webinar, you will learn all about the UDE's extensive options for visualizing target variables.

⯈ Watch the video in 21:00 min.

Watch the Video: Debugging S32S in UDE: Visualizing Application Data

Debug features for S32S: This video shows some basics on how to visualize application data with UDE.

⯈ Watch the video in 03:41 min.

Watch the Webinar: Debugging and Tracing for Infineon’s TRAVEO™ T2G

Webinar hosted by Hitex

This webinar will give you an introduction and how-to on using UDE to debug Infineon's TRAVEO™ T2G Arm® Cortex®-M microcontrollers. We will start from scratch with creating a debug session and doing the first basic debugging steps. You will learn how to step through the code and how to visualize the values. Finally, we will finish by analyzing your software's runtime behavior in detail using Arm® CoreSight™ trace.

⯈ Watch the video in 45:49 min.

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