WARNING: JtagTargIntf: Invalid SIMIO synchronization address/symbol 'g_JtagSimioAccess' selected ! SIMIO disabled !

SimIO or Simulated I/O is one of the UDE features. It allows the usage of the printf/scanf functions to transfer characters between the user application and the debugger (via Simulated I/O Window) via the debugging communication channel (JTAG, ASC, ..). It supports the so-called printf-debugging. Examples for using the SimIO feature can be found within the UDE installation as Sieve sample for many target architectures.

For using this feature the variable g_JtagSimioAccess must be defined in the user program for allowing the communication. When the Simulated I/O Window is open, and this variable is not found, the messages above is printed in the command view. If SimIO is not used, close the Simulated I/O Window to avoid the message output.