ERROR: UDESym.Database: The file resolves to a path that is too long. The maximum length is 260 characters !

This error message was caused by UDEs symbol engine database. The appropriate database file is located to deep inside the systems path.


UDE stores data from ELF file inside this database. Usually the database (*.sdf) is located in the same directory as the ELF file.

To resolve the problem, place the ELF file in a directory with a shorter path. The length (incl. *.elf) should not exceed 235 characters. If this isn't feasible, you may place UDEs symbol database in another directory, see below.

If you get this message despite short path, then your ELF file might be located on a mapped drive (e.g. a ram-drive or a ClearCase Repository). In this case you should place the symbol database on a local drive (e.g. temp folder).

Change symbol database path:

  • Open UDE, select menu Config - Debug server configuration
  • Tab Symbol - Database directory
  • Select Other and browse a shorter/local path