ERROR: UAD2CommDev: Firmware update required !

You may get this message, if you update the UDE version and there is a new version of firmware/loader for the Access Device included. This update is normally applied automatically. The loader update will be applied, if you connect the first time to the target. It will take a few seconds and you will see a progress bar while the update is applied. (Old versions of UDE seem to hang for the time, please do not kill the process or turn of the Access Device! patient.).

If the update was successful, you will see the following message in the command view:

  MSG: UAD2CommDev: Loader update succeeded, new version: Vx.xx.xx

The update can't be executed, if you use a UAD2+ connected over Ethernet. In this case you will get an message similar like:

  MSG: UAD2CommDev: Couldn't execute required Loader Update over Ethernet ! Use USB or Firewire for Update

To update such a device, please follow the steps mentioned in the Hardware FAQ.