ERROR: UAD2CommDev: Failed to update access device loader ! MSG: UAD2CommDev: Couldn't execute required Loader Update over Ethernet !

If you use an old access device with a new UDE version, there may be a loader update for the Access Device required. This update can't be applied over Ethernet, please follow the steps below, to update the loader. To update a UAD2+, which is normally connected over Ethernet, you must connect the UAD2+ using USB or FireWire and apply the update.

  1. Unplug the power cable from UAD2+.
  2. Connect the UAD2+ to your PC using USB or FireWire.
  3. Target connection is not required, the update is also applied without.
  4. Plug in the power cable.
  5. You should see the Access Device in windows device manager now (Group: pls Debugging Devices).
  6. Start UDE.
  7. Open a Workspace (or generate a new one).
  8. Select your UAD2+.
  9. Try to connect to target.
  10. The loader update will now be applied automatically (additional info in the UDE Message FAQ under the topic "Firmware updated required" )
  11. If the update was successful, you will see a message in command view:
    MSG: UAD2CommDev: Loader update succeeded, new version: Vx.xx.xx
  12. You can ignore the errors about not connected target.
  13. Disconnect Power and USB/FireWire.
  14. You can use the UAD2+ over Ethernet now.

If there are some problems, please contact