Within UDE I can't select my network attached UAD, but a direct connection using the IP address is ok.

This behavior may occur if the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) has not received the identification broadcast from the network connected UAD2+ or UAD3+.

Background: Under normal circumstances, all available network UADs are listed by UDE. To create the list and identify the UADs, a broadcast will be send. This broadcast (or the answer from UAD) might be blocked. The UAD2+ / UAD3+ can still be used for debugging, because there is a TCP connection used.

The problem occurs for instance, if you use a separated network card for the UAD. Windows 7 will declare the "Unknown Network" as Public (high security firewall settings).

Solution: Broadcasts are usually blocked by a router. If the UAD is connected behind a router you might connect the UAD to the same network as the host PC (e.g. using a switch). If the communication is blocked by a firewall you can add an exception for UDE.

Windows 7:

  1. If UDE is started the first time, a firewall box will pop up. Select the appropriate network type to create the exception.
  2. To change this setting:
    1. Open firewall options Start - Search - Windows Firewall
    2. Select Advanced Settings (Left Side)
    3. Modify the Inbound Rule for UDE Desktop, UDE Visual Platform and (in case of UAD3+) UDE Access Device Configurator: Double-click for Properties and change the Advanced Settings to match the network type (e.g. allow Public)