My UAD2+ or UAD3+ doesn't work if it is connected over Ethernet.

If there are several connection losts or unexpected behavior, please check the following points:

  1. There may be a loader update required, if:
    1. The connection seems to be ok, but only after usage of an old UDE version.
    2. If you power off/on the UAD, you can't connect to a target.
  2. In both cases you should see a message in command view:
    ERROR: UAD2CommDev: Firmware update required !--> Please follow the steps mentioned under the topic "Update access device loader" in the UDE Message FAQs.
  3. Are the Ethernet settings ok?
    1. Check settings in windows device manager (Properties of "Universal Access Device x", Tab: Hardware), connect the UAD via USB or FireWire to do so.
    2. You can also change the settings per web browser, if you know the IP of the UAD: "http://IP.OF.Acess.Device".
  4. If the connection seems to be down for some seconds, please check the points mentioned under the topic "UAD via Network connection down for some seconds".
  5. The connection can be interrupted, because another UDE instance is using the same Target and UAD. (Maybe from another PC?)
  6. Please use the latest UDE version (>3.0), there are improvements regarding connection issues.
  7. If you still have problems, please contact: