How can I connect to my UAD in a VMware 9 machine running on Windows?

I always get an error message "The connection to the USB device .... was unsuccessful (Driver Error)..." After installing / updating my VMware package to version "9", I'am unable to connect to my UAD inside the VM. How can this be solved?

Because of a VMware Bug the driver of the UAD, connected to an USB port, cannot be installed. Please perform the following workaround to solve this issue:

  1. Disconnect the UAD from your VMware environment (if possible)
  2. Uninstall your current UDE 4.x Version
  3. Download and Install the latest UDE Version >= v4.00.07 (Build 2541)
  4. Perform an UAD firmware upgrade
    4.1 Start UDE, load a workspace and connect to a target
    4.2 The firmware procedure will start immediately upon target connection attempt
    4.3 DO NOT POWER OFF THE UAD during the firmware upgrade process!!
    4.4 After successful upgrade terminate the UDE
  5. Prepare the UAD for VMware
    5.1 Open a command prompt (Start --> Run --> "cmd.exe" <Enter>)
    5.2 "cd" to your UDE installation directory (e.g. "cd \Program Files (x86)\pls\UDE 4.00.07")
    5.3 Enter "CommDevTest /t UAD2 /s <your serialnumber> VMwareBug" (without "<" and ">")
    5.4 Agree with "y" to install the bugfix (without "")
    5.5 Select the new marker character (default is 1)
    5.6 Follow further displayed instructions to complete

After preparing and repower the UAD, you should be able to connect to VMware and the driver should be installed automatically.

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