UDE shows a warning about runtime components and/or crashes while opening context menus.

If UDE shows a warning after start:

    Runtime components are older than required by UDE !
    This might result in instable function of UDE.

Or if UDE crashes while opening context menus, then this is probably caused by a wrong/old version of Microsoft visual C++ runtime.

We recommend to fix the issue by installing the latest runtime package from Microsoft:
There a several versions available, please download and install
vc_redist.x86.exe for UDE up to version 5.2
vc_redist.x64.exe for UDE version 2021 and later


Usually the UDE setup detects the installed runtime version and updates it if required.
But there might be some other 3rd party software installed, which also uses a runtime, but does not properly update the windows registry. So the UDE setup cannot recognize that other runtime. The package from Microsoft will update the runtime to latest version.