How do I install the Universal Debug Engine in the Eclipse environment?

After installing the Eclipse environment I am not able to debug the application with the Universal Debug Engine.

First, check if the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) integration is installed:

  1. Start your Eclipse IDE
  2. Open/Create your workspace
  3. Open the Debug Configurations
  4. Check if an Universal Debug Engine item is listed
  5. If yes, continue with Step 13!
  6. To install the UDE Integration click on Help - Install New Software
  7. Click on the Add-Button to add a new repository
  8. Click on Archive and select from the UDE installation directory (i.e.: C:\Program Files (x86)\pls\UDE 3.0)
  9. Click on OK
  10. Disable the Group items by category checkbox
  11. Select the Universal Debug Engine Eclipse Integration checkbox and click on Next
  12. Reopen the Debug Configuration (See step 3)
  13. Double-click on the Universal Debug Engine item to automatically create a new launch configuration.

After the launch configuration was created, you should be able to debug your application with the Universal Debug Engine perspective.