How can I automatically change a variable and rerun my application after it was halted at a breakpoint?

Create a script file, that contains the appropriate procedure:

  Sub ChangeVariableAndRun()
    Dim UDEDebugger
    Dim Value
    Dim VariableName

    ' Get debugger - is always debugger of index 0 in workspace
    set UDEDebugger = Workspace.CoreDebugger(0)

    ' Get the content of the following variable name (for example "ucMinutes")

    ' Get variable value
    Value = UDEDebugger.Variable( VariableName )

    ' Change the value
    Value = Value + 1

    ' Write new value to the variable
    UDEDebugger.Variable( VariableName ) = Value

    ' Return the application
  End Sub
  1. Start UDE
  2. Load/Create your workspace
  3. Click on Tools - Macros - Open File to open the Script file that contains your procedure
  4. Load the ELF application and source file
  5. Set a breakpoint to the appropriate source line
  6. Click on Debug - Breakpoints... from the UDE menu
  7. Select the breakpoint on which the variable name have to be changed
  8. Enable the Macro checkbox
  9. Enter the procedure name, that is enclosed in your script file (for example ChangeVariableAndRun)
  10. Click on OK to save all.

After click on Run, the procedure is always called after the appropriate breakpoint was hit.