Connect to target via XCP debugging not possible.

Requirements to use Software Debugging over XCP:

  • ETAS ETK device - supported targets:
    • Infineon AURIX TC2x/TC3x/TC4x, Power PC STM SPC5x and NXP MPC5x, STM Stellar SR6x, NXP S32Zx
  • Vector VX device - supported targets:
    • Infineon AURIX TC2x/TC3x/TC4x

If you are not sure what XCP hardware you will need or if your XCP hardware is ready for using XCP debugging please ask your XCP device vendor.

Be also sure to use the latest Firmware for your XCP device.

We suggest, if you want to use XCP Debugging, to ask our support team whether your XCP debugging device can be used with UDE. If you have also general questions regarding connecting to a target via XCP debugging please ask our support team for the XCP Application Note.

Basic information about XCP Debugging with UDE can also be found in the UDE Manual.

When connect is not possible, check following points:

  • XCP configuration file
    • Be sure, when creating a new workspace, to select the specific XCP config file for your target chip.
    • For most XCP-supported targets a XCP config is integrated in UDE.
    • If you can't find an XCP config file for your target please contact our support team
    • XCP requires a node-locked license or a regular license bound to an UAD.
    • Additionally, the license option Additional UDE communication device in Config -> Debug Server Configuration -> Add-In -> License check need to be enabled.
    • That is already done in XCP config file, so we strongly recommend using an XCP config file when debugging via XCP.
  • IP address and TCP port
    • Be sure, to enter the correct IP address and the correct TCP port number in UDE.
    • To enter/change the IP address and the port number in UDE please open the Communication Device dialog via Config -> Target Interface... -> General tab -> Select -> Edit:
    • Please also be sure XCP Communication Device is selected as Access device type.
    • You can now set/change the IP address on Select device by IP address and the port number on Select TCP port.
    • If you do not know IP address and TCP port please have a look into the XCP device vendor tools or contact your XCP device vendor.
  • Limitations
    • Some use-cases (debugging security cores, debug password protection, In-Self-Testing, special kinds or reset, ...) can not be used or only with limitations with XCP debugging.
    • For special use cases we recommend debugging with an UAD.

If these hints do not help, please contact