An error, problem or a malfunction was indicated. How can I report this bug?

The UDE software was built and tested under accurateness. Anyhow errors will be occur.

Please give the pls team your valuable feedback as we continue to build the next version of Universal Debug Engine. For a simple feedback please use an email to

In case of crashes please fill in the 'UDE Support Request Form' from UDE (use the UDE menu Help - UDE Support Request Form when a workspace is loaded) or act the following steps additionally:

  1. Increase the UDE internal Debug Trace Level. Use the menu Config - Debug Server Configuration - Debug Server - Diagnostic Messages - Debug Trace Level and set the value to 100 respectively pull the slider to the right for 'Report all Messages'. If the debugger cannot connect to the target, answer the occurring error box with 'Ignore' and make the setting described above. Restart UDE.
  2. Cause the error and note the procedure.
  3. Write the content of the 'Command View' into a file. Use the context menu, choose Save... or push the Ctrl-S / Strg-S keys. Choose a file name, for example CommandLog.txt and save the file.
  4. Use the UDEAdmin.exe from the UDE program directory to create a report of installed components of UDE and save it as Components.txt.
  5. Please send an email to the pls Support Team at with following content:
    • a short description of the procedure to cause the error
    • the generated file CommandLog.txt
    • the generated file Components.txt
    • the file _connection_lost_report_.txt from your UDE directory
    • the used target configuration file *.cfg. If you do not know, where the file can be found, please open the menu Config - Target Configuration and get the file location from the Target Configuration File box. If the debugger cannot connect to the target, answer the occurring error box with 'Ignore'.

Our Support Team will contact you as soon as possible.