Training and Consulting

Webinar Series Covering All Aspects of Debugging

Together with our partner Hitex we presented the PLS toolchain for debugging and tracing of AURIX and Arm Cortex microcontrollers in a webinar series covering all aspects of debugging.

Recordings of the webinars are available on the Hitex youtube channel:

Part 1: Tools for debugging and trace

Part 2: Multicore and multi-controller debugging for AURIX

Part 3: Multicore debugging of Arm Cortex-A and Cortex-R SoCs

Part 4: Scripting and debug automation with UDE

Part 5: Trace-based debugging and runtime analysis with UDE

One-Day Crash Courses

The most efficient use of modern test tools is a basic requirement for module and system tests.

MicroConsult is the authorized training partner of PLS and offers a one-day training with extensive practical exercises that describes the complete functionality of UDE. MicroConsult contributes to your project success

For the TriCore, PowerArchitecture, Arm, Cortex, XScale, SH-2A device families, the Universal Debug Engine provides a modern, configurable and expandable graphic user interface for multicore debugging.

MicroConsult One-Day Crash Course: Debuggen mit der Universal Debug Engine UDE

Infineon has launched an on-chip solution (MCDS) for debugging, tracing and calibrating complex 32 bit microcontrollers based on specific emulation devices (emulator on silicon, e.g. TC1766ED, TC1796Ed, TC1767ED, TC1797ED). The related one-day training from MicroConsult highlights the applications and efficient use of them Multicore Debug Solution MCDS with the Universal Emulation Configurator UEC. MicroConsult is also available for on-site training on UDE/UEC that is specifically tailored to your requirements.

MicroConsult One-Day Crash Course: Multicore Debug Solution MCDS und PLS Universal Emulation Configurator