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Why I see as names for OS objects only question marks when I use the µC-OSII add-on of UDE ?

The question mark '?' is the standard name for all OS objects in µC-OSII.

You can assign names with the µC-OSII API functions OS*NameSet(...) (OSEventNameSet, OSFlageNameSet, OSMemNameSet, OSTaskNameSet). Please note that OSEventNameSet(...) is used for all synchronization objects (Mutex, Queue, Mailbox ...).

I use a PXROS application on my target. While stepping in the program code the Step-Over and the Call Stack Window do not work correctly.

Because of the modified subroutine calling sequence of PXROS the standard debug algorithm of UDE is not applicable.

You will need the PXROS-Support-Add-On of UDE. Please call your local distributor or contact the pls Sales Team.