UDE Starterkits

Starterkit versions of Universal Debug Engine are available.

Free TriCore™ Entry Tool Chain

The tool chain consists of a compiler based on the proven high performance GNU compiler for Infineon TriCore™ from HighTec and the Universal Debug Engine limited to basic debugging functionality.

The Free TriCore™ Entry Tool Chain provides all required features to develop and test software for Infineon TriCore™ and AURIX™:

  • TriCore and AURIX Support.
  • Eclipse based IDE with a lot of easy to use enhancements similar to DAVE Bench.
  • New project wizard to easy define the project properties for device and board support.
  • Import wizard for DAVE projects High performance.
  • GNU compiler.
  • Powerful and easy to uses debugger including instruction set simulator (limited to stop-mode debugging: run-control, breakpoints, single stepping).
  • Flash programming support.
  • Usage is limited to Infineon Application Kits and TriBoards with on-board wiggler only.

The current Free TriCore™ Entry Tool Chain can be downloaded here. The communciation with the TriBoard works via USB interface of the on-board wiggler.

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)