PXROS-HR Support with Memory Protection

The PXROS-HR realtime operating system with integrated MPU management is an optional component of the Development Platform. Modern micro-controllers, such as Arm Cortex-M3, TriCore and Power Architecture, include a Memory Protection Unit, which guarantees safe integration of functionalities consisting of different software components. With these features PXROS-HR is ideally suited for safety-critical applications and rugged industrial solutions.

Furthermore, a library, especially developed for the PXROS debug monitor PXmon, allows the Universal Debug Engine to use the JTAG debug channel as fast communication vehicle for the exchange of data with running PXROS-HR applications. System conditions, such as the stack consumption of individual tasks, the process sequence of tasks, the processor workload due to individual application parts as well as the workload of resources are graphically displayed. The user is thus provided with an effective tool for testing PXROS-HR based programs and optimising the performance parameters of the application.

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)