UDE 2021.03 Released

The new version 2021.03 of the Universal Debug Engine® UDE is now available for download.

UDE 2021.03 is a service release and includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes. We recommend all customers to update your UDE version.

UDE 2021.03 New Features and Improvements

UDE 2021.03 comes with a lot of minor and major feature updates and improvements:

New Devices Supported

  • STMicroelectronics
    • SR6G7C3, SR6G7C7, SR6P7C3, SR6P7C7
    • STM32L55x
  • ARMv8.0-M instruction set

New Features and Improvements

  • Call Graph Analysis: 
    • Copy to clipboard
    • New tick column for dynamic call graph in timeline mode
    • User configurable separator for CSV export
    • Improvements for faster analysis
  • Execution Sequence Chart: Improvements for faster analysis
  • Improvements for AURIX TC4x support (e.g. FLASH programming)
  • Improved C++ support for Tasking Tricore 6.3r1 compiler
  • UDE Automation: UDE can be launched with minimized main window
  • New C++ demangler (v2014) for support of templates
  • Adaptation of the SAFERTOS Add-On for big-endian Power Architecture including task/code trace configuration

Please refer to the release notes for a complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

Where to Download?

After your login visit Service/Downloads and select the category 'UDE Software' or use the following link: