What you missed at embedded world 2020

PLS was there

PLS presented at the Embedded World 2020 the new version of the Universal Debug Engine (UDE). UDE offers some completely new functions and a lot of optimizations for even more convenient and efficient debugging.

PLS news at the show

If you missed this year's show here you will find the highlights from PLS:

  • Extended support for Arm Cortex-A and -R multicore controllers: NXP S32x, Renesas R-Car, ST Stellar
  • Extended support for Reneas RH850
  • New Add-Ons for SAFERTOS, FreeRTOS and PXROS-HR - Debugging of real-time critical applications under RTOS control
  • UAD2next Range Extender - Bridges distances of up to 2 meters between debugger hardware and target

Jens Braunes, Product Marketing Manager at PLS, talks about the new features of UDE.

What else... UDE highlights at a glance

  • Easy to use Modern debug, trace and test framework
  • Real Multicore Debugging
  • Debugging and trace for a wide range of 32 and 64 bit MCUs
  • Support for eTPU, GTM, HSM
  • Powerful multicore trace analysis
  • Debugging of Virtualized Applications
  • Hypervisor awareness
  • Code coverage without influence on runtime behavior
  • Automation API for scripting and tool coupling
  • Universal Access Device family (UAD2pro, UAD2next, UAD3+) for fast, robust and flexible target access
  • Multi-Target Debugging for AURIX
  • Eclipse integration