At the Embedded World 2019 – the leading international fair for embedded systems – PLS presented the new version 5.0 of the Universal Debug Engine (UDE). UDE 5.0 offers a wide range of completely new and significantly enhanced functions for professional debugging and testing of embedded systems.

The three days there were full of interesting conversations and discussions. We took the opportunity to learn a lot about your embedded software projects. We came back with new ideas to further improve our UDE and develop new features to make your projects a success.

UDE 5.0 - Highlights at a glance

  • Easy to use Modern debug, trace and test framework
  • Real Multicore Debugging
  • Debugging and trace for 32 and 64 bit MCUs
  • Support for eTPU, GTM, HSM
  • Powerful multicore trace analysis
  • Debugging of Virtualized Applications
  • Hypervisor awareness for LynxSecure hypervisor
  • Code coverage without influence on runtime behavior
  • Automation API for scripting and tool coupling
  • Universal Access Device family (UAD2pro, UAD2next, UAD3+) for fast, robust and
    flexible target access
  • Eclipse integration

Synchronized Debugging of Multi-Target Systems

Nitin Dahad (EE Times) in an interview with Jens Braunes from PLS about our new Multi-Target Debug Solution.

The UDE Multi-Target Debug Solution from PLS provides synchronous debugging of AURIX multi-chip systems. A special adapter handles the communication between two MCUs and the UAD3+ access device and provides synchronous break, single-stepping and restart of both MCUs. The Multi-Target Debug Solution enables debugging and testing of applications distributed across two independent MCUs.