NXP Technology Days 2023

The NXP Technology Days Detroit provides two days of training geared to enhance your skills and knowledge of products and solutions for the automotive industry. Meet our experts in multicore debugging, tracing, and testing at this exceptional event.

PLS' highlights at the show

Don't miss our demo: Multicore debug and trace solution for S32-based automotive applications with S32G3, S32G2, S32Z, S32E

  • Real Multicore Debugging
  • Synchronous Break, Single Step and Restart for all cores
  • One Common Debug Session
  • Complete Support of Arm® CoreSight™ Debug and Trace
  • On-Chip Interconnect Trace for Analyzing Data Transfers
  • Programming Support for OctalSPI Flash, eMMC, OCOTP
  • Debug and test automation using Python and other scripting languages

NXP Tech Days Detroit

November 7-8, Saint John’s Resort , Plymouth, MI

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