NEW DATES! Hitex webinar series covering all aspects of debugging

Next webinar on trace-based debugging and runtime analysis with UDE

Thursday, July 2, 10:00 AM CEST

This is the last webinar of a series of webinars together with our partner Hitex.
We will present the PLS toolchain as well as debugging and trace for Cortex microcontrollers.
The webinars are aimed at beginners with no previous knowledge of the subject.

In this webinar we show you the trace features of UDE on the example of the AURIX MCDS. In the first part we demonstrate trace based debugging for investigating the misbehavior of an application. In the second part we show you how to use trace for different types of run-time analysis.

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Part 2: Multicore and multi-controller debugging for AURIX

Part 3: Multicore debugging of Arm Cortex-A and Cortex-R SoCs

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