ERROR: Wrong type of JTAG engine or JTAG engine too old ! ERROR: Use UAD Configurator to update Pod to latest version !

An update of the IO Pod configuration is needed, if you see this message. This might be caused by new version of UDE or if you select another communication mode (e.g. DAP instead of JTAG). Please follow the steps below to update or change the configuration.

Open the UAD Configurator: Start via system start menu All Programs - Universal Debug Engine - Tools - UDE Access Device Configurator ( or run UADConfig.exe directly).

Update the configuration:

  1. Connect to UAD3: Select the appropriate UAD3 by double click
  2. The current version and type of configuration is shown for all devices in/at the selected UAD3; Select the IO Pod
  3. Apply the update by double click on the suitable configuration

More information can be found in the UAD-Config help. If there are problems, please contact