Cortex-M7 S32K3 General Purpose MCUs for Automotive Applications

UDE Multicore Debugger Solution for S32K3 Cortex-M7

S32K3 MCUs are based on the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core in single, dual and lockstep configurations for use in ISO 26262 functional safety applications up to ASIL D. Devices are offered in a range of flash memory sizes and pin-counts and include the latest security and connectivity peripherals. Complementing this is a package of safety-compliant Real-Time Drivers software for AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR applications, and safety and multi-core communication framework software.

The S32K3 MCUs extend the highly-scalable portfolio of NXP's Arm ® Cortex® - M0+/M4F S32K1xx chips in the automotive industry.

Key Features

  • Single core debugging
  • Multicore debugging
    • In one common debugger environment
    • Synchronized run-control
    • Multicore breakpoints
  • Core support
    • Cortex-M7
  • FLASH programming
    • On-Chip Flash
    • External QuadSPI Flash
  • Trace support (in preparation)
    • Program trace / data trace based on Arm CoreSight™

Supported S32K3 devices

  • S32K familiy: S32K311 S32K341 S32K312 S32K322 S32K342 S32K314 S32K3

Supported S32K3 Debug, Trace and Test Features with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-CM / <Selected Access Device>