Cortex-M33 STM32, STM32L5 Microcontrollers

UDE Microcontroller Debugger solutions for Cortex-M33 STM32, STM32L5

The Arm® Cortex®-M33 is for IoT and embedded applications with DSP functionality. It based on the ARM v8 architecture.

Supported Cortex-M33 Micrcontrollers

  • STM32L552 STM32L562

Supported Cortex-M33 Debug, Trace and Test Features with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)

UDE - Universal Debug Engine with SWD support - Cortex Debugger and Emulator for Cortex-M33

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug and emulator platform with Multicore debugging for Cortex-M33.

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-CX-M / <Selected Access Device>