UDE 2023.02 Released

The version 2023.02 of the Universal Debug Engine UDE is released. Update your current UDE version to take advantage of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

More about the major version UDE 2023 can be found in the press release and the release announcement.

New Devices Supported

  • STMicroelectronics Stellar SR6 P7 line
  • STMicroelectronics STM32H745, STM32H755 dual core
  • Ready for upcoming Infineon AURIX TC4x devices

New Features and Improvements

  • UDE SimplyTrace supports OS task trace
  • Auto save function for workspace
  • Load program function allows to select several ELF/HEX files at once
  • TC4x Flash programming: SOTA and FLASH protection handling supported
  • Flash programming via XCP for STMicroelectronics Stellar improved
  • AURIX: DAP user pins can be controlled via the UDE object model API during debugging
  • UDE Eclipse plug-in is now compatible with Eclipse 2023

Where to Download?

After your login visit Service/Downloads and select the category 'UDE Software' or use the following link: